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can't download more than 1 file without restarting uTorrent?


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I have an issue on my MBP with uTorrent Version 1.9.1 (30063) where I can't download multiple files simultaneously and even if I fully download 1 file I can't start downloading another file unless I quit the uTorrent application first.   Has anyone else experienced this?


Under preferences I have no Bandwidth caps.


Active Transfer Limits: 6

Active Download Limits: 3


Connections Global Limit: 200

Connections Per Torrent Limit: 50

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+1 to this problem. Environment: OSX 10.7.5 & uTorrent 1.9.1 (30063).


No matter if the torrents are already in the queue (by restarting after a successful ONE download), or if adding them while another one is processing - same behavior: one torrent works fine through to completion, all others stay "inactive" until quitting and restarting uTorrent, then another one gets picked up from the queue ... wash-rinse-repeat ...

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