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Transfer Torrent Download from PC to Android Phone


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So Ive been downloading in my PC, it was 60%. Then I tried downloading the same torrent in my phone using the utorrent app, as soon as it has created the files, I cancelled the download. Then I deleted all the files inside the created folder and then I transferred the files from the PC to the folder created in the phone. I tried downloading the torrent and it worked! My utorrent app in phone has checked and resumed the download from my PC and it's now 80%.

Long story short, I just did the same thing as transferring torrent downloads from a PC to another, only this time, it's from a PC to a phone.

Now my question is, is it okay to do this? I mean won't the files be damaged and will everything work normally just like downloading normally w/o transferring? I'm habing doubts because we're talkinh about two different devices and two different apps (well technically cuz one is PC utorrent and the other is an android utorrent app).

Anyways, thanks in advance! :)

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