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why utorrent on my laptop is twice as slow compared to my PC?


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in short i'm running 2 computers, which use the same version of utorrent (3.4) , one is laptop which is using wi-fi and a desktop using cable. they all use the same ISP and connection, only different method of connecting. both also use the same operation system ( windows 7 ) the only difference is my desktop windows is cracked version and my laptop is original version.


in my PC, u torrent can use my max download speed which is around 550 kB/s but on my laptop it is only 200-250 kB/s max, sometimes it only fare to 150 kB/s.


i tried to set utorrent in to default, or optimizing it like the optimization thread said, but it still won't use the maximum dl speed of my internet.


utorrent on my laptop used to operate as normal around 500-600 kB/s average, but after few months it became slower ( i think it is around the update to 3.3. the weird thing is it is ok on my desktop.


it can't be the wifi either because speedtest is still showing accurate result and downloading with browser downloader still get me ~600 kB/s/

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