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3.3.4 don't care about my dl/ul limitations just goes nuts 100% bandwith


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Hello im experiencing issues or limitation problems with Utorrent tried version 3.3.4 and 2.0.4 and 2.2.1

Problem:  When having Apply rate limit to uTP connections checkmarked my upload goes down to around 5kb/sek. Regardless my Utorrent download limitation is also crazy

Whenever i put "unlimited" my torrent program downloads with around 8MB/sek and upload around 1.3MB/sek. This is an kind of issue since thats 100% of my bandwith........

Im having ports forwarded to my Utorrent. And here is pictures of my issue

You can see that my upload limitation is set to 50kb/sek but the torrent regardless is uploading at 1MB/sek.....

Any solutions please im using Windows 7 64bit Home Premium and only have Windows firewall with an exception for Utorrent on both ways



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Screenshot didn't attach.

Sorry for late reply i wasn't able to use an connection untill now. Im experiencing the same problem Utorrent doesn't care at all about my limitations....

It just keeps uploading stuff at 1,3MB/sek even if i put 50kb/sek or whatever. I tried removing Settings file in appdata and the problem came back after some days

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Shot in the dark here but it's worth trying this....
Besides having Apply rate limit to utp connections enabled...
While in Preferences press shift-F2 simultaneously then Advanced...Look for the ul_rate_download_thres setting and edit the value to 20.

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