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Crashes during remote desktop


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Hello, I just started using uTorrent today and had it crashing straight away during remote desktop.

Chain of events:

1. I connected remotely from my work PC to my home PC.

2. I then downloaded uTorrent 1.1.6 and installed it, finding that it actually installs it where I run the installer, in my case, the Desktop.

3. Then I enabled all three view options, status bar etc...

4. Then I went into Preferences and enabled Close to System Tray and Minimise to system tray. I also enabled downloads to my E: and I went to enable my torrent to be saved in utorrent folder but that was when I realised the program was installed on my desktop. So I re-disabled the "Save .torrents in" section.

5. I tried to minimise by closing the window, then bang, it crashes and wants to send an error report.

6. Now I'm getting the same problem on my local PC at work, so now it doesn't seem to be remote desktop related.

7. Now I just have to enter the preference section and then click Ok or Cancel and it will crash.

Good Luck

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