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WebUI behind Apache reverse proxy with https


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Hi all,

I'm trying to get WebUI to work behind a reverse proxy. I see many threads showing how to do this but nothing will work for me. I have some experience with Apache and reverse proxy's and I already have several apps working fine behind it (SickBeard, CouchPotato, Maraschino, SabNZBd, Glype + others).

I simply get "invalid request" returned

This is my setup

#<Location /ut/>

# ProxyPass http://u:p@localhost:7004/gui/

# ProxyPassReverse http://u:p@localhost:7004/gui/


(Ignore the #'s)

I've tried different combinations, /gui/ instead of /ut/, with and without the u:p and various rewrite additional commands but no luck at all.

I'm running Apache on xampp on Windows 7 pro (Apache/2.4.7 (Win32) OpenSSL/1.0.1e PHP/5.5.9)

Any ideas anyone?



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