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No <Add New torrent> dialog displayed


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Ok, it appears that I did NOT have the new uTorrent 3.4 running on the other comuters... I must have been dreaming that I already upgraded them, ugh... anyways, just as soon as I upgraded the others to 3.4 they also quit showing the Add New Torrents Dialog Window.  Removed the check mark in Preferences Directories 'Automatically Load .torrents from' and it is back to normal, but again, I have to now browse to my new torrent to get it and the Add New Torrents Dialog Window. So it IS a problem with the latest version 3.4 build 30660!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is on 2 Windoze Xpee 'puters and 2 Windoze se7en 'puters.  All of them did the Auto-Load folder WITH the Add New Torrents Dialog just fine BEFORE the latest upgrade...  Hope this can be fixed...  Thank you for all the help and also, run as Administrator is my default setting for uTorrent on the Windoze Se7en 'putes.  Should this be posted in the other post for the new 3.4 uTorrent??????????????????  THANK YOU!!!  I have always been amazed at the wonderful help we get here for FREE even!!!!  You people are great...

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