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Utorrent Just suddenly stopped (Torrents are connecting to Peers)


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This problem appeared two days ago, I moved in with a friend, the torrents were working fine then outta no where it stopped, and it the status changed to connecting to peers.. 

I tried every possible thing that I found on the internet, I'm using Avira anti-virus, I checked the firewall setting and its allowing utorrent, I tried re-installing, changing the bittorrent client, starting utorrrent as


administrator, clearing DSN through command prompt. changing the port number, I even tried to delete the torrent list and start it again, nothing seems to be working, I just formatted my laptop a few days back, and


everything is new I don't have any other peer blocker or speed booster software, The trackers status are giving me timeout even for new torrents.

note that all torrent are from EZTV and TPB..

What could be the problem??

Please HELP..!!


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Maybe I'll try in different connection, cause i've already checked the internet security software and its allowing utorrent..
it seems someone who has control over the router blocked me, cause the connection is used by plenty of people..
so I can't clear this matter using command prompt or can I ?  

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