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downloads folder and create subfolder bug


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I set Put new downloads in: "torrentdata"

I set Move completed downloads to: "torrentdata complete"

These folders are in my "downloads" directory.


I added some torrents without the Create Subfolder option checked, when finished downloading a torrent without a subfolder, utorrent moved the whole "torrentdata" folder to "torrentdata complete" even those files which were unfinished.


Also noticed, when i'm adding a torrent without the Create Subfolder option checked, the Save Directory points to "downloads" directory instead of "torrentdata" folder.


Using Version 3.4 (build 30635) Stable.

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The same story (and the same as here) - when I move already downloaded (without "create subfolder" option) torrent data to another folder (with "set download location" option), it creates subfolder in the new location anyway!


Another situation - when I've moved the downloaded data to another location manually, I should make a lot of frictions to distribute it again - try to create subfolder naming the name of torrent file (or in some mysterious cases not to create), moving file here and there, and, finally, if I renamed the torrent in the utorrent list of torrents, it's impossible to distribute it again, as I don't know what should be the name of subfolder to create!..


I'm really tired of this "create subfolder" option, which is so-called "automatic". How can I switch it off constantly and forever? I want to care about my subfolders by myself, like in older versions!


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