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something is confusing me, whats after (checking peers problem)


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So after I had enough outta my previous problem I decided to just ignore utorrent and try to stream until changing the connection, then I disconnected my router (even though i did it once before) and left it for like 2 minutes, then reconnected it.. 
the status of the torrent changed after a while to "the system cannot find the path specified' so I stopped all torrent and one by one changed its location, and it worked perfectly..with full speed..!!

Where is the issue??

today again the checking peers problem restarted, so directly changed destination but it didn't work, then I disconnected my router again for a while then re-connected it. and started the torrents, this time it worked but even thought I checked my connection and its on the peak and the seeds of the torrent i got is prefect, the download speed won't 2kb/s..!!

Could anyone please tell me what exactly going on? 


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