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Port not open even after manual configuration


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Hi everyone! i apologize anticipately for any mistake in writing, i'm italian.

i read the initial configuration guide, the FAQs and i did the research in the forum for my issue, but i'm still haven't fixed it. as you may have understood, the guided configuration is telling me the port i'm using is not open even after i did the whole port-mapping thing in my fastweb modem (and i did it for emule too and there is working). I have the latest utorrent version, i have the protocol cryptography abilitated, the port-mapping too, the firewall has the exeptions configured properly and in the test i have the maximum upload speed about 900 kb/s. my connection is not bad (600-700 kb/s) but i'm wondering why i'm not reaching the maximum speed i can (6 mb/s) even when my pc is the only one connected (LAN and not wi-fi, by the way). i'm not asking 6 mb/s, but i'm going 1/10 of the possibility, so i figured it could be related to the not-open-port thing.


thank you, i hope i did it all right :)

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