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RSS Feed problem


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A few days ago I noticed a strange behaviour on the RSS Feed list. Before, when I added a torrent from a feed list, it's entry would chang to the specific file name and the status bar would show the progress. Then, when I deleted, it'd revert to the original feed entry name and the status would show "previously downloaded".

Now, when Î add it, it appears as a new item on the list, next to the feed entry. And when i delete it, it disappears. The feed entry's status is always "RSS 0.0%" and never updates to "Previously Downloaded".


It is a pain, because it makes it much more difficult to manage what I've already downloaded and what's new/yet to be downloaded.


Any ideas?


I'm running Windows 8.1 and uTorrent 3.4 (build 30635)


UPDATE: Well, right after i posted this, it randomly started working again! Well, kind of... It still doubles the entries when I add a torrent from the feed.. but now, when I manually update the feed, they merge and when i remove it (and manually update the feed) the status correctly appears as "previously downloaded". Not sure if automatic updates of the RSS feed will wield the same results...


Any help?

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