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uTorrent STILL having yo-yo upload speeds.


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I have been (trying) to use uTorrent since the 1.1 release, and everything has worked fine except for uploads. Wether I'm the original seeder or just another peer, the upload speed always yo-yo's from around 10 KB/s to 0 KB/s.

All of my torrents say Network OK, port forwarding is set up fine, an exclusion has been set for utorrent.exe in NOD32's IMON, I haven't touched the advanced settings at all, the upload limit is WELL below my maximum upload (I have it limited to 20 KB/s and I have a 512 kbps upstream connection).

I keep having to switch back to Azureus because uTorrent is ruining my ratio on all of the trackers I use.

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I'm also experiencing jagged upload speeds. Using the lastest version (uTorrent on XP SP2.

My max u/l is around 90 KB/s. If I limit uTorrent internally to 80 KB/s the speeds vary from ~68 to 80. Obviously, I'd rather have a "flat" upoad graph.

Any ideas anyone?

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I am not having this issue at all.....my max up is 48k and when seeding it stays right there, only varies a few k in either direction. uTorrent

Global up/down rate: unlimited

upload slots per torrent: 10

max connections per torrent: 50

max connections: 300

net.low_cpu false

bt.slow_connect false

diskio.delay 500

diskio.write_queue_size 2000

48k up/3MB down

Athlon 3000+ Barton


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experiencing this too BUT only if i have no seeding only torrents.

Can this be a bug for files uploading not able to upload correctly ?

Are you guys unconnectable meaning the router or software firewall is not allowing your listening port ? I just saw i have mistiped mine in the newly bought router.

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may be your isp company is doing traffic shaping in your conecction, look if the speed change at the same hour every day.

(sorry for my poor english)

puede que tu compañia ISP esta aplicando traffic shaping en tu coneccion, rebiza si la velocidad cambia a la misma hora cada dia.

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From what I have observed, I see alot of patterns that resemble RLC harmonic functions.. (Periodic cusps etc if you aren't familiar with electronics).. Physically this makes no sense, since network traffic doesn't flow in the same way as electricity.. (Don't misunderstand me, I realize that ethernet signals are electrical, but their traffic is controlled by protocols, not nature)..

My assumption is that this graph patterns are more/less the result of the algorythm used to print the graph than the actual traffic.. Have you tried bandwidth monitoring with an external app while this is happening? Try one that uses an extremely small time differential like 100ms.. That should provide a worthy comparison..

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