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Changing file names loses search references?


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Hello, guys.

Please, if possible, I'd like you to explain something to me...

When I finish downloading a file and I keep this file as it is, in the same folder it arrived, sharing it, I become a seeder, right? I don't mind to seed, I mean, everybody should seed! That's the deal of torrents world! But I do mind of keeping the original name of the downloaded file, it's just a matter of organization to me. I use to change the file name after it arrives (but I keep them in the same folder). For example:

Name.Of.The.Movie.II.DVDRip.avi -> Name of the movie 2.avi

So, here's my doubt...

If I change the file name after it arrives, do search engines still recognize it as the original file I downloaded (through its size and properties)? Or do they lose the file reference?

I'm asking this because I understand that (please, correct me if I'm wrong) when I download a file and don't change its name, I become "one more" seed for this file, I mean, when I first searched for it, there were 15 seeds, for example. After downloading it, I become a new seed, so if a search for it again, it will be the same file, but now there will be 16 seeds. Is that right? So, I'm afraid that if I change the file name, maybe search engines won't recognize it as the same file (torrent) anymore. Then I'll become a seeder of a new and unique file (torrent), isn't it? Is my thought wrong? So, how does it work? Can I change the names or not? (I often download torrents which has only the .avi file in it, and nothing else.)

Thanks for the attention, guys.



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1) Its not something that has something to do with searchengines. Its not like emule with an shared directory or such. Its just the little torrent file and the tracker and only if you keep the torrent active others can download parts of the file from you.

2) you can savely rename single file torrents and you can rename the directoryname if you have multiple files torrents. but it is (up until now) not possible to remane a file in a directory and keep the torretn further seeding then.

When you stop the torrent then you can savely rename the contentfile and then ->rightclick in µT on torrent name -> choose "set download location" you can point the torrentfile to the renamed contentfile and you then can keep it seeding.

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