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urgent help needed!!... 3.4 version not working..


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Hi everyone


I need some urgent help fır the program. The previous version was replaced with the 3.4 upgrade but the program crashed completely. None of the torrents are transferring to the task bar, giving the warning "invalid path.modify and ty again" on the new conversation box (new for the ugraded version.)


The DHT status is stuck at "waiting to log in" and there is a red dot with an x in it on the lower right corner instead of the usual green check sign. When clicked right, it says "listen error. you should change the port." When clicked, it starts the set up bandwidth and network tests but the results always turn out the same: The bandwith test gives the warning " connection error 10013" and is unsuccessful. the network test says "port is not open(you are still able to download"


Any Help will be much appreciated

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