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uTorrent 2.0 Features / Issues


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Guys. Seriously great job on 2.0! :D

My only issue is you took away a couple things the old version did right, namely a little per-torrent Pause/Remove dialog from the main list to quickly manage things (used to be triggered by a single press, but would now make sense in the revamped UI as long-press). Having to go into each torrent you want to remove is a bit of a step backwards. ;)

Also please bring Add Torrent and Exit back out of the "..." overflow menu since those are the most-used functions. I notice rechecking when files exist doesn't appear to happen anymore, and that .torrent files aren't associated to run in uTorrent (but that's been an issue for awhile).

My only other idea is that dragging to reorder the downloading torrents to adjust their priority would be brilliant.

Really though guys, thanks and keep up the great work. :)

Edit: Just noticed the "Finished" checkmark while it's still flushing to disk is misleading, maybe it could still say downloading until that's done.

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