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Questions about Upgraded Version and uninstalling/reinstalling


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I am interested in purchasing the ungraded version of UTorrent, specifically for the virus protection and streaming options but, before I do this, I need some clarification so I do not waste my money.  I have been having an issue with my computer that is causing a repair tech to come out to my home and look at it and this may cause them to reset my computer to its factory settings or any number of things which may cause my downloaded programs to be removed from my computer.  If I purchase the upgraded version now and, in a couple days, the UTorrent program ends up getting removed from my computer forcing me to download and install it again, will I just be able to sign into my upgraded version or however you would put it or will I have to purchase the upgraded version again in order to have it back on my computer??  Thank you for any assistance anyone may be able to give me.

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