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Low speed with upload cap


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My connection from dslreports:

Your download speed : 4512 kbps or 564 KB/sec.

Your upload speed : 751 kbps or 93.9 KB/sec.

So my global upload cap is 70kb/s

I know putting an upload cap of 1-5kb/s will limit my download. So I put one of 10kb/s

And I get, a download of 15kb/s and upload of 10kb/s

Without any caps I get a download of 55k/bs and upload of 70kb/s

I'm trying to limit the upload while downloading because my ISP has a pretty strict upload limit of 10go/month.

I always let my torrents reach a totalshareratio of 1.00 once I've finished downloading.

My network indicator is green and we're talking about a torrent with a seed swarm of 459 and a peer swarm of 3627

(Total of connected seeds usually reach the fifties while peers will reach a 2000)

So I'm wondering if there's a way to limit my upload without throwing my download in the dump, or to simply increase my download speed. (To atleast be the same as my upload speed)

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unfortunately no you can't limit the upload while downloading usefull.

All you can do is to max out (!) (=80%) your ul rate so you can hope you finish the download also very fast before you have -while slow downloading- the 5th or more times uploaded then downloaded.

Doing BT on a traffic limited line is not such a good idea in generall :-(

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Actually, if your ISP limits you to only 10 GB/month, you don't want your upload cap to be even NEAR your max upload speed. Reason being, is if your upload speed spikes/bursts/hiccups and it exceeds the max speed for your connection, your ISP will drop all the excess upload packets...but probably still count them against your monthly limit!

So only use about 50% your max upload speed -- or in other words about 40 KB/sec upload max.

Reduce the number of connections you make to about 50-100 total. Each connection just sitting idle costs you upload and download bandwidth! You mentioned having 2000 peers connected at once -- that's taking possibly 5-10 KB/sec upload bandwidth just to maintain that many!

You can find enough fast uploaders to return what you upload to them even with as few as 20 connections per torrent. So allowing 40-60 connections per torrent should be overkill. Just don't run alot of torrents at once, otherwise you'll be reducing speeds across the board too and paying extra bandwidth overhead costs doing it.

If you haven't already, disable DHT unless you're trying to complete torrents with very few seeds+peers. ...even then DHT isn't very helpful.

Limit upload slots as well. The more torrents you run at once, the lower it needs to be...even as low as 1!

Calculate your total upload slots -- that's total torrents times upload slots per torrent.

Calculate your average speed per upload slot -- that's your total upload speed and divide it by your total upload slots.

So if you have 4 upload slots per torrent and 3 torrents and 40 KB/sec upload speed...

total upload slots = 3 torrents * 4 upload slots = 12 total upload slots

average speed per upload slot = 40 KB/sec total upload speed / 12 total upload slots = 3.3 KB/sec per upload slot...that's about how much each peer gets from you while you're uploading to them.

That average speed per upload slot needs to be at LEAST 1 KB/sec...otherwise peers likely won't upload back to you!

And if it's faster than 10 KB/sec...most peers CAN'T upload that fast back! (though they may try)

So in my example, 3.3 KB/sec average upload slot speed is well inside that. :)

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