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uTorrent not sticking to upload/download limit


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Running uTorrent 3.4 build 30635 and noticed that its not sticking to the set download and upload limit for each individual torrent. In older version never had this problem. Not sure if this is a Bug. If so feel free to move to Bug Reports.


Right click on a torrent and set the speed limits for an individual torrent, I noticed that the upload and download speed most of the time is running alot faster than the max limit I set.


Bandwidth Allocation > Set Download Limit

Bandwidth Allocation > Set Upload Limit


Also how do you find out if there is a new version of uTorrent available. When I visit the download page on uTorrent web site there is no indication of any version number and build. All you get is a file titled Utorrent Setup.

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Are  there a particular setting I need to change? If so what settings do I have to change?


I thought upload limit and download limit setting would take preference over any settings in

Options > Preferences > bandwidth.


Like they did in older versions.

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limit local peer bandwidth.

Thanks, I'll try that. I wonder what is considered Local peers then? I believed these are peers on the same subnet. What is considered subnet here? The one to which belongs my external IP assigned by my ISP? Or the one to which belongs my listen socket?




EDIT: Enabled BitTorrent|Limit local peer bandwidth option. Still no go. Any clues?

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I just had that problem and found that "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" was unchecked. if I check the box for "Apply rate limit to uTP connections", then I checked the box for "Stop transfers on user interaction". Hit apply. Then, go back and uncheck the box "Stop transfers on user interaction". Everything works fine now. The only box that I have checked in "Global rate limit options" section is "Apply rate limit to uTP connections". That box must be checked or it takes off like a Screeming Banchee!!!

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