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"Finding Peers" or "Connecting to Peers" Until Tracker Updates


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Ever since I updated to uTorrent 3.4 (all stable builds) when I load a fresh torrent from an RSS feed of a private tracker, it gets stuck on "Finding Peers" or "Connecting to Peers" until the tracker updates. Unfortunately, the private trackers only update every 35 minutes and there is no way to manually force it to update. The tracker is in "working" status and there are no issues with it.


Previously in builds of 3.3 I never had this issue, the torrent would load from RSS, the tracker would connect and immediately start downloading.


If I close uTorrent, open it again, it will immediately update the tracker and connect to new peers. As I mentioned, this never used to happen before, and creates an additional 35 minutes of download time, which is quite annoying when waiting for episodes.


This is not a firewall or ISP issue, as the tracker and download always works. This seems to be an issue with uTorrent 3.4 not getting the correct peer information on the initial tracker connection. I tested the latest build of 3.3 just to make sure, and everything worked fine.

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