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resume.dat causing utorrent not to fully load


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Svegan: Just for a general note, Its considered rude to ask about release dates (an overall thing on the internet, not here).

On that note, I believe ludde mentioned something along the lines of a few days before the next release (some more bugfixes and features, first).

Appreciate the heads up, apparently I may have offended some others here also, so let this be an open apology to anyone whose feelings may have been hurt by anything said to you in any of the forum postings made here.

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maan this bug keeps coming back.

i start a torrent -> go away for like an hour or so -> come back and see that utorrent is gone from taskbar but still under processes. dammit

i delete that resume.dat > torrent is gone :evil: > redownload torrent > utorrent checks the file > starts download from where it left off > go away for an hour > come back and see that utorrent is gone from taskbar... blaaablaaablaaaa

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glad this has been posted, happened to me several times.

This is a major bug, i think it deserves a 1.1.6b or whatever to be released immediately, although its not that much of a biggie for those who know how to fix it, for others it means they can no longer use utorrent, and will it even auto update itself to 1.1.7 when it is released considering they can't actually open it.

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I have been using this client for a few days now and like it very much, but...

the bug where it crashes and wont run again unless resume.dat is deleted is a showstopper.

Its happened 3 times now in 2 days.

Deleting the resume.dat means I lose track of % data uploaded as this statistic is stored in resume.dat for each torrent.

Its also a chore having to keep recreating the download list.

It cannot be left alone to download anything in case it crashes and is therefore unusable.!

I recommended this client to a few people, all of whom have experienced this problem. It seems I was a little ahead of myself as this bug has been around for a few days and is not fixed and no fix date has been announced.

I'm all for using new innovation and ideas but it needs to work.

Sorry, this doesnt work.

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