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Not able to seed/upload


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I'm using uTorrent version 3.4 (build 30660) [32-bit]


I am never able to seed with this version and a previous version (3.2.2). I can download very well. I've looked through previous forum posts, but none have worked. Here's what I've done:


"I have used the network test and configuration (i.e., ctrl-G) and my Bandwith is good and the Network is good, both when tested together and when alone.


Under preferences: BitTorrent, I "allow incoming legacy connections" and the Protocol Encryption: Outgoing is at Forced (Enabled didn't work either).


Under preferences: Bandwith, I have Max Upload Rate set at 0 for unlimited and the same for Max Download Rate. I have 600 max connections, 100 max peers/torrent, 8 upload slots/torrent."


Apologies because you get this question a lot. Please help.

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To test out whether it was a problem with a lack of downloaders, I decided to download a really popular torrent (Family Guy episode S12E13 - 10485 seeds 1753 peers) and check out the upload speed. During the download, the seeding averaged around 3-4kb/s. After download, the seeding dropped down to 0kb/s, though it occasionally jumped up to 0.3kb/s. So it doesn't seem to be a downloader problem.


Either way, seeding during download and after download seem throttled. I read that perhaps the ISP throttles my uploading speed. However, I thought that with allowing incoming connections and forcing Outgoing protocol encryption would avoid that. I'm in Canada, if that matters at all.

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