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Filename with colon : resulted in 0 file size after finish downloading


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I'm reporting a serious bug with uTorrent Free from 3.3.x to 3.4.1 beta in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. If a filename contain a colon ":", the file size will become zero after it finish downloading it. Also, the torrent file end up as file size zero. As a result, you have to redownload it again.




1. Download a torrent file.

2. Rename the file with a colon in it.

3. After it finish download, it will try to rename file but failed. Resulted in file size.


I think it's important that the uTorrent should make sure this does not happen in two ways.


1. When open a torrent, utorrent should verify all filename automatically and alter the user if there is an invalid charater. It should present an option to automatically remove the invalid character and preserve the rest of the file name.


2. If the user edit the file name while downloading, utorrent should verify and alert the user for invalid charater.


3. If for some reason, the above two verification fail, it should rename the file without the colon or any other invalid charater that does not result in file size zero after finish downloading.





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With the default behavior, it will automatically replace invalid characters. When you renamed it, did you specify a filename with invalid characters?


Yes sometimes I accientally enter the invalid character when renaming the file manually either when open a torrent file or while downloading. It would be nice to avoid such mistakes if utorrent can catch this automatically and prompt user or automatically remove the invalid character.


Thanks. Please consider adding this feature to the program.

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