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RSS episode number misinterpreted for tv series "The 100"


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The RSS feed doesn't work for "The 100", see example below.


Name                               Episode ...

Revolution.2012.S02E17.720p...     2x17    ...

The.100.S01E01.720p.NNNN.x264-xyz  s1      ...
I guess it's the numeric TV series title that confuses the downloader so that S01E01 becomes "s1" instead of "1x1"... Strange however, that "Revolution.2012" works, but "The.100" doesn't.
Tested in both version 3.3.2 and 3.4.1 beta.
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Good for you, rafi. I guess you can live without uTorrent, too.

As for myself; I'll probably die :wacko: ...


Really, what's the harm in reporting a minor problem? Maybe it's easily fixed.


BTW, I noticed that my own automated handling of downloads also had problems with "The 100". The reason was that "100" at the end of the title was misinterpreted as "Season 1, Episode 0". Earlier, it was fairly common with season/episode coded that way in releases (3 digits, 1st season, 2-3 episode). Was a long ttime since a saw it though. It was indeed an easy fix.

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There is absolutely no harm in reporting... I guess it has to do with the devs assuming 4 digits is a year, and 3 is an episode ... Plus the bug of not handling ep. numbers above 100 ...

And yes, I can live with it, and I do use RSS intensively...

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I've got the exact same problem and made a topic on the forum of the website I'm using in uTorrents RSS-reader. Someone there might have given the solution, although I'll have to wait till next week to see if it works:

Check the box next to "Filter matches original name instead of decoded name".

No idea (yet) if it will help, but apparently it does :)

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My settings below: The ones in bold are the only way I could find to make it work.


Filter : *The?100*

The not field is just things I normally use like : *1080p*|*720p*

Save in: to whatever you want

Feed: whatever you want (I use all to get it where ever it appears first)

Quality: again whatever you like. I use all as I find the 300kb non hd versions absolutely fine for my TV


Untick : Episode Number as this gets in the way of this particular torrent.

Tick : Filter matches original name instead of decoded name (The decoded name is "the" as it assumes 100 is episode series number)

Dont start downloads automatically I leave unticked.                Untick: Smart ep. filter

Minimum level I set to 1 week. As there is no epsiode filter working, this should make it do what I want. Trail and error for this one.

Label for new torrent I set to whatever I want


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the clear explanation. Your solution works for me as well with a few tweaks. Besides using different filters, I was still able to trigger the RSS downloader with "Smart Episode Filter" ticked which should help the prevention of doubling episodes.  I was also able to set the Minimum Interval to "(match always)" this should grab torrents as they're available if I understand the option right.


I'm in the first week of trying this solution so I can't guarantee it'll trigger properly next episode. I'll post again soon if my solution works as well as any tweaks if needed.


Follow Up:


1. Follow Simoof's instructions. My attempt at using the "Smart Episode" failed. I eventually had to untick the option and set the "minimum interval" to 7 days as well.


2. As MarHutchy mentioned in the below post, keep the RSS feed simple. I was only able to set 1 filter (S02). Anthing beyond that would bork the trigger for RSS downloader as well. The work-around is to set all the proper filters in the RSS Downloader in the fields of "Filter", "Not", "Feed", and "Quality".

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