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1.1.6 on Windows XP/Server 2003 Crashes all the time?


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I have windows xp (amd 2600+ xp, sp1) & i got the same prbs but previously utorrent 1.16 was wrkin cool.. but then due to a sytem restart the utorrent 1.16 started but only in invisible mode..

I tried wat criscr0ss said in one of his post, in document settings goto /Application Data/Utorrent and i deleted the sesume.dat file there.. Then after that evry time i restarted utorrent 1.16 it kept crashing tellin me memory dump and if i wanna send report.. I kudnt even change any preferences, same prbs like u guys are gettin..

I finally deleted the Utorrent folder in Application data, deleted a Dat file it creates in its download folder i allocated (i created my download folder as d:utorrent -- in that i found some filenamepart.dat & i dunno wat it does & i deleted it).. Then i run utorrent 1.15, changed all preferences i wanted to.. I then exit it and run utorrent 1.16 this time.. Asks me if wanna be used for torrent xtnsion.. i said yes and it wrked all fine and allowed me to change my settings & other stuffs without crashin.. utorrent 1.16 is runnin normally now.. i do hope this will help u out ;)

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