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Hello, I am new to the community but I have a few general questions about utorrent that I never bother to ask since it does what does it until today.


Today, I changed my internet ISP to an PPPOE and with much other speeds than my dial up.  (1.5 mbps to 10 mbps)


But every since I change, the downloads seems to be coming in slower and at one point it wasn't connecting. 


My question or request is, 


Is there a option on utorrent to test my internet speed so I know it can go up to 10 mbps?


I have seen my other ISP max out 1.5 mbps download speed on utorrent but I haven't seen 10 mbps or even anything close to it.  


I know it depends on seeds but I wish I could figure out where the problem is so I can call my ISP.  

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