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net.outgoing_port & limiting utorrent ports


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I'm using net.outgoing_port and net.outgoing_max_port  to diminish the number of ports uTorrent uses, for easy QoS classification on my router. All I have to put in is my main port and the net.outgoing_port "range" and almost all the connections are caught.


Except, some are not.


Some UDP connections still manage to use a different local port outside of the main port and the port range specified by those advanced settings. Is there way to "tame" this behavior? Other than disabling uTP.


Also, it would appear as though net.outgoing_max_port  has no effect; it uses only 1 port, specified by net.outgoing_port for all the local ports of outgoing connections.


Any bugs I should report, or are these commands considered unsupported at this stage?

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