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3.4.1 Beta (703) RSS Feeds Don't Come in, previous not able to download


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Looks like RSS feeds are completely broken. Magnet links etc. are working fine, but RSS fields won't update or if they do, they dont' display anything (and no, no filters on)


Also in the previous beta, the right click on an rss item and choosing download didn't do anything.

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Hi, and sorry but I cant woot   :(

I tested a fresh installed 722 and tried my previous rss.dat and a 'new' one with fresh entered feeds.

With the new rss.dat and feeds: nothing is displayed or stored

After I entered the feeds, it was actively downloading something but it did not show any data or store anything inside the rss.dat.


With my old rss.dat:

It displays fine when the program is started but over time is gets messed up.

it does download new information and but it does not display them properly.

it used random names from the torrents that are already in the rss.dat

The link from the feed to those new torrents is also not ok

I can use the download feature and it would download the torrent that is displayed in that line.


in the attached file you see the same torrent over and over and the episodes are messed up too

the times actually represent the a torrent that was in the feed at that time.



after a restart it is fine again till the next feed update



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I have some additional information that might help :

now running version 3.4.1(30740)


It looks like some internal timer is not syncing

After a fresh start of utorrent all is fine and it loads the rss feeds just fine. 

After a while the 'added' times start to be off from the real pubdate in the feed 

and then no more torrents from that feed are being added and the 'added' entry only ages by a fraction of the real time.

At some point the torrent names begin to be random picks from all the torrent names in the whole rss feed.




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