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How do we setup the Auto-Label feature?


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I was very excited to see a auto-labeling feature make it into version 3.4. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to test it out, because I cannot find any documentation on how to configure it.


In Preferences->Label, we have two fields available for the Auto Label feature:


Label: self-explanatory

Contains: no instructions on what to enter here


-What sort of information goes in the Contains field? File extensions? File names? Torrent names? Tracker names? Other metadata, like torrent size?

-What format should the data in the Contains field take? Simple strings? Regular expressions? Key-value pairs?


Unfortunately the help icon in the Label section of the preferences takes you to a manual, which appears to be out of date and does not mention the Label section. The default labels that pre-popluate the Auto Label section are unhelpful as examples, because they just say things like "default audio rule", rather than providing a useful example of what should go in the Contains field. I tried searching for documentation elsewhere in the forum, but came up empty.

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