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Problem w/ utorrent server 3.3 re d/l'd files


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I recently started using utorrent server 3.3 w/ ubuntu 12.04. When I restart utorrent after having successfully d/l'd some files, the entries show a status of '0% stopped' and 0.0kB file size even though the d/l'd column reflects the actual file size and there is a correct entry in the 'completed' column. The files are accessible and work perfectly.


The problem is that I can no longer seed them; it seems like utorrent has lost track of the files. I've tried saving d/l'd files to the same drive as where utorrent is installed but it makes no difference.

Also, in settings, utorrent successfully saves the location of .torrents but not the location of d/l'd files!?! I'm assuming that has something to do w/ the problem but don't know why it won't save the location. I am selecting the 'save settings' button after making my selections.


Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Client Information
Product Version 3.3
Source Revision 30235
Build Date 2013-10-14 10:42:53 -0700
UI Revision 30235
Peer ID UT330B
User-agent uTorrent/330B(30235)(server)
UPnP external address: --------


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