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Smart .ep filter seemingly not working


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I have the smart episode filter on for my "The Walking Dead" filter. However, utorrent still auto downloaded the same episode twice. Am I doing something wrong?

I know this is an old post but I have the same problem and think it would be better to just post it here rather than making another topic. Epecially since this was never answered.


I've had this issue for about a year, which is around the same time I started using RSS feeds in utorrent. At first I used the MInimum interval by setting it to 12 Hours which stopped utorrent from downloading the same episodes twice as I realised that it was downloading same episode just a few miliseconds after grabing the first one, but today for the first time since I started using the Minimum interval option it downloaded an episode which was grabbed just yesterday..

I stopped it before it could continue but this is something that needs to be fixed, I had just started up the client when it automatically downloaded the episode which to me says that the RSS Downloader is grabing torrents before it checks the log to see if that episode was already grabbed.


Hopefully an update will come out fixing this problem :/ or perhaps if someone has a better solution to the issue at hand, that would be great.

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Just updated to latest Beta (3.4.2 build 32537). It is still displaying the same problem, but not always. The first few tests it downloading only one episode, then on my last test I was doing before calling it "fixed" it downloaded 2 of the same episode, this time one in HDTV format and another in 720p. It is my understanding if the quality is set to "All" it's supposed to just download *one* episode of whatever quality happens to be posted first.

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