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utorrent trying to connect to where it shouldn't


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I hope you can give me a little of bright in my darkness even if I'm using an older version ;)


Let me explain and introduce to you to the situation.


As I'm using Windows 2000, I can't use nothing beyond 2.0.2 build19648 as utorrent introduced from 2.0.3 an issue not resolved in any newer versions (avalaible to run in Windows 2000 yet, AFAIK) only affecting under Windows 2000 (unable to manage columns because the context menu didn't show). Before this I was using 1.6 and I changed to this one in the last couple of days (if it works, don't touch it :)) just to improve it for magnet links and udp servers, even if I didn't needed these yet.


The change haven't been much dramatic except for an issue of utorrent trying to connect to where it shouldn't, as I said in the Subject.


What I mean is that I have disabled uPnP and NAT-PMP because I prefer to do this tasks manually since I started to use BT clients a decade ago or so; and, still, utorrent 2.0.2 is trying to connect to "default" routers IPs and making a dicovery to multicast.


I can understand the multicast discovery at some point, even if I disabled the mentioned features but, trying to connect to, even if it's not configured in my systen, is quite weird.


That IP:port is not even in my network, is not a gateway, is not a machine. Nothing. And I noticed it thanks to a security rule set on my firewall.


The question is, why is utorrent trying to connect to with aparent no reason? Even I have disabled the net.discoverable if this could make utorrent to avoid uPnP settings and still tried to connect to any available router.


Could it be a flaw in this version of someone trying to hickjack and control the system? I remember of some info in the past about this, using a popular utility for this kind of attacks/tests (I can't remember now its name).


Or is it just an user reporting its IP erroneously and utorrent trying to connect to it? Regarding to this one, I have already the bt.no_connect_to_service_lists enabled.


So, what with I told above, at this point, I'm lost.


Any clue on what is happening here? There is no need to mention that utorrent 1.6 hadn't this issue.


Thanks for any help.



P.S.: I request any kind people with interest in reply to avoid talking about change the Operative System as that is not the issue here. Thank you.

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