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hdd move


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Hi all im desperate for help ive looked at FAQ but seems its outdated i have moved all my download files to a new hdd and nothing is seeding back please if some1 could give me a run through on how to do it so i can start reseeding would be great im running the latest version of utorrent many thanks



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many thanks dread i right click on the torrent in utorrent and it says set download location but it just downloads it again i set where new downloads go but stuff that i already downloaded is sitting there red and i dont know how to get them to reseed from there new location




so what im saying is this..


my downloads were in c: downloads

i moved them onto anouther hdd as my c drive was full

so it now looks like this

e: downloads

new files go there but all the other files that where on the c drive none of them are seeding back ive tried almost everuthing to get them to start seeding again but not working

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