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Problem with updates (custom install folder)


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I am running uTorrent 24/7 and I always update it when it notifies me there is a new update. Until a few versions ago that worked well (it closed the currently running uTorrent and restarted a newer version). However, a few versions ago it started "malfunctioning". I have uTorrent installed on D:\Programs\Internet\uTorrent\ and when I click on "update" the currently running uTorrent session closes but instead of re-opening with a new version, I get a Setup window wanting me to go through the setup process (like if I was installing uTorrent for the first time). The problem is that when I get to the section where I am supposed to select the install location, the browse button and install destination location textfield are grayed out, meaning I cannot select my current install location folder and just install/update over the existing version. This causes uTorrent to be installed in some weird location on C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\uTorrent which then messes up my settings and torrent locations, etc.


Is there a way to fix this problem ?

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