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Nightly Builds


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If it's so pointless, why are you even posting on it?


Software releases (everywhere) have version numbers. Even for the slightest change, a build/version number is applied to it.


In uTorrent's case it makes it easier to track which version is responsible for breaking something else.

Rafi already covered it but I'll reply back, the reason for posting on it is to have you guys save some time and not even bother.

There's no communication between us and Bittorrent on this, thus testing something that has no changes listed is a complete waste of time for you.

All this does is give you the latest build which often is going to be only a short term fix for some issue that's just been created in the stable or beta builds.

Basically they need a better process, breaking features in a stable build with a non version incrementing update is just not acceptable (latest RSS feature break for example in 3.4.1)

C'mon guys.. either test things properly or create a new 3.4.2 branch for changes more suited for a beta build. It's not hard.

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But it's not. The problem is that the "Status" field is empty anyway. I don't even know if the torrent unregistered(updated) or if the tracker is down. In previous releases, there was a text message or just "Working" status.

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