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Seeding stop after a while after updating to uTorrent 3.4.1


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Hi I was able to seed torrents at high speeds constantly for weeks but now since I updated my client to 3.4.1 few days ago I am unable to continuously seed. It seeds with good speeds and then just stops seeding after a while it stays in Seeding status but does not do anything.

I have to stop and start the torrent to make it seed again.


Some info:

using a private tracker

seeding 12 / one is only been leeched as all are already

net.max_halfopen value is set to default 100

using high speed cable internet

pc is connected through LAN not wireless


Connection Section:

no limits on download / uploading

Enabled UPnp port mapping

Enabled NAT-PMP port mapping

Randomize Port each start - Unchecked

Specific port is assigned and correctly forwarded to router

Assigned a static IP to the system


Bandwith Section:

all other values are set to 0


    Number of Connections

Global Number of connections is set to 200

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent is set to 20

Number of upload slots per torrent is set to 4


BitTorrent Section:

everything is checked except the following are unchecked:

Enable DHT Network

Enable DHT for new torrents

Enable Local Peer Discovery

Enable Peer Exchange

Limit Local peer bandwidth


Queue Settings:

Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download) = 50

Maximum number of active download = 100


Seeding Goal (Default Values)

Minimum ratio (%) = 200

everything else 0

Seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks is checked



Hope the above information helps




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Hi DreadWingKnight.. first of all I asked for help not bashing .. so please help if you can ...

I posted all the info so if something needs changing advise nicely.. 2nd of all I am not the only one using private tracker.. so that is Not the problem... others on that same tracker have no issues.

I had no issues except once I upgraded the to the newer version with Same settings it kinda messed up ...

So Once again if you have nothing to Help them leave for anyone else to help ...

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It's not my fault that private trackers create conditions where torrents are chronically overseeded.

It's also not my fault that you can't see how your queue settings break physics (trying to have 100 open downloads with 50 total open torrents, or trying to have 1000-2000 peer connections open with a 200 global limit).

If you want help, use settings that aren't stupid.

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