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What is the "Open for Seeding" option?


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Firstly my apologies is this has been covered before. I have searched the forums for the exact answer to this but nothing definite.

So my question is: What is the "Open for seeding" option in the dialogue box when one opens a .torrent and when should it be used?

From my reading of the forums, I've picked up that it should be avoided in all circumstances except if I myself have created the .torrent as it skips the hash checks. Is this right?

Therefore is it not needed for anything else?

Thanks for the great client!

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It is an option designed to skip the hash check that's normally made when you add a torrent. It should only be used if you just made the torrent, but forgot to check "Start seeding", or if you accidentally a removed a finished torrent and want to re-add it.

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