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Download speed problem


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Hello everyone,

First I have to say that my english is pretty bad so don't judge me for any spell mistake or grammar one.


Well, let's get back to my problem:

I have a pretty good internet connection (proof : http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3414846385 ) and i have pretty good download speed to ( proof ) but not for long. My download speed varies from 1kb/s to 45mb/s, it's annonying that every time when i hit a good download speed something go wrong and i am back to 1kb/s and i have to wait for the speed to come back.


IPS: Rcs-Rds Romania.

Plan: 500mbps


ps1:I have to mention that when i try download from any sites (like mega, zippy etc) my download speed stay on the same level (30-35mb/s)

ps2: All the torrents that i have downloaded are saved on my external hard disk which is connected to my router and i had mapped the connection between my pc and my router. And yes, i've already tried to download on my pc (i have a ssd as main hdd, so the write speed isn't a problem here) and i had  the same problem. 

ps3: I think it's obiouvs that i didn't set any download speed limit or something.

My pc's specifications :

Amd fx-8350 eight-core 4GHz

8 GB Ram

GTx 550 1gb ram

I'm running on windows 8 64 bit



I hope u will help me guys.

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