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Questions from a newb on torrent


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1. What is lazy mode and how does it work?

2. How do you add torrent on urls? By just listing the site or does it have to do with trackers and stuff? I just dl the torrent and open it from there

3. What does check association on startup do?

4, What is the difference between the folder options and the auto-load torrents in the other options?

5. What does enable scrapping and pre allocate disk space do?

6. What's the purpose of checking the delete torrents instead of renaming when loading option? Is there another form of deleting torrents? I just use the delete button or right click > removoe all

7. Can someone explain to me what the purposes of the advanced options like what effect does what when tweaking them between true and false? (For God's sake, if you are just going to tell me not to tweak them at all without explaining them, PLEASE don't reply on it. PLEASE T_T)

8. I've read a user post about fake 128. How does it work and how do you distinguish fake from real err...stuff?

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1. Dunno.

2. I guess it's the same, except your client downloads the .torrent file instead of your browser. Never use it, though.

3. Makes sure that µTorrent is the default opener of .torrent files.

4. If I understand your question.. Auto-load torrents makes µTorrent automagically open torrent files in a certain directory. If you check the box below it, the torrent files will be deleted from there. µTorrent always makes a copy of used torrent files to its appdata directory.

5a. I think scraping is when you check the tracker for number of seeds and peers.. Don't see why you'd want to disable it, though, so I'm probably wrong.

5b. Pre allocate disk space makes µTorrent create the full sized file on your hard drive, although with no "real" data in it. Then, as your download progresses, the useless bits will be replaced with useful ones. This is useful for minimizing file fragmentation. I think this option doesn't matter, µTorrent pre-allocates in any case.

EDIT: I just noticed that they changed this in; pre allocating is now only performed if the box is checked.

6. I explained this in answer 4.

7. Most of the advanced options are actually duplicates of other options. net.low_cpu, for example, is the same as the Low CPU checkbox. diskio.delay and diskio.write_queue_size have to do with disk write queue. If you download at very high speeds (above 500 kB/s) you should set the write queue size a bit higher, in order to let the application release cache, and not hog memory having to keep all those downloaded bits in memory.

8. No idea.

EDIT: I'm not entirely sure on all of these, but I hope I've helped at least a little.

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Yes, thank you.

I still didn't quite understand your explanation of 4 and 6 because aren't these the function of the folder options? To put the torrent and completed torrent in a certain directory?

Hmmm... and I still don't quite get what pre allocating disk space does.

Why allow it to be disabled if it sounds like a good thing? What are the cons of it?

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The options in "other options" are for the .torrent file, the one µTorrent uses to know file sizes, pieces, file names, hash sums and stuff. The file you download from the tracker.

Pre-allocating is.. Reserving disk space for the file, although you have no data to put there yet. As your download progresses, you fill the data in. When not pre-allocating, the file will start at 0 B file size and will grow in time, however making it more fragmented (which is because of how file systems work, which I don't want to get into).

If you are low on disk space, disabling pre-allocating might be useful for downloading files that wouldn't fit if you kept them all. That way you could finish a download and burn it, then delete it before the next gets so big your drive is full.

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