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Error message: Torrent is not valid bencoding


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Hi everybody!


My first time at the forum, so i hope my topic's in the right place!


I've tried to download a torrent from a file (http://webproxy4all.com/browse.php?u=zUUBchaRx05Dgof7h46QKqe8CTcinZCQdJvhbdh03ZQMn4tmQow%2FjtDCqKQEmiAwMH9ep%2FT3h0UW9tHAby3F%2FJ%2BWmuYO2Fo4%2BYRxEUiG4Wz9lMntOOkK7RwsHMtJHvBCkdZctzbC5dKJRoQXI6Cm3kybJvh9&b=3)


but everytime i try, i get this errormessage "Torrent is not valid bencoding". I'm a complete newbie in these things, and have no idea what to do with this. Anyone who can help me please? :)






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