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Can't keep connection to peers while seeding, lose them after 1 second


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Hello everyone

While seeding, if I keep my eye on the peer tab, I'll notice a new peer pop up but disappear within a second or two. I can't seem to keep a peer. I was able to seed (and hold peers) the first ten minutes or so after installing the latest build, but now the issue has resurfaced without any changes from myself.

I have the 'green network OK' status, the latest utorrent version, firewall exceptions in place. Hell, I even forwarded the port even though I shouldn't really need to.

I'm pretty confused; if anyone has any light to shed it would definitely be appreciated.



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Sorry, let me clarify.  I can't maintain any upload speed at all. It's more like they're trying to finalize the connection with me, but are unable to for some reason. My upload speed remains zero (or blank I guess in utorrents case) with the occasional blip of 0.1 or 0.2 kb/s.

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