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Cant connect with v3.4.1 - exhausted my options


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Hi...I cant send at all using v3.4.1 stabe.. All was well a few days ago. But 3.4.1/Beta wouldnt cooperate so deleted and installed 3.4.1/Stable. That has not helped.
Setup is out of the box stock standard - no changes.

Bottom right corner exclamation mark tell me I have no incoming connection, which of course would normally be green

Go to "utorrent will test for best performance"

Bandwidth from Greece (closest to me in Oz)
Upload speed of 120kbit/sec - download 100kbit/sec
Then - local network closes the connection so no activity at all

So I went to Amsterdam -
Bandwidth from Netherlands,Amsterdam 2
Upload speed of 525kbit/sec - download 500kbit/sec
Then - local network closes the connection so no activity at all

Went to Paris
Got through with 260 up and 445 down
(now Paris has failed)

Utorrent bandwidth config-
upload limit -  46.kB/s
connections  - 80
max activive torrents - 3
upload slots - 4
connections (global) - 230
max activity d/lds - 2

current port (0:random) 24949
auto port mapping

Auto port forwarding through - Network (checked)
Network checked and indicates an orange tick with an asterisk over it.

Im using Comodo Internet Security Pro 2013 with all updates.
Firewall is in Training mode
In firewall/App settings uTorrent is set to-
Allow IP Out from MAC to MAC anywhere protocol is Any
Turned off the firewall - no change

Also using VPN4All (Reykjavik anchor). I definitely need the vpn ON for the utorrent dl's.
Changed the server to Singapore - went to Amsterdam 2 in uTorrent and got 262 up and 262 down - tried it three times all ok although slow - 105 up 235kbits down - but still the Network orange tick with asterisk

I am using an Android phone as a modem.

Any help is greatly appreciated cos I am going round in circles getting knowwhere. Thx

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