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Downloading with no running torrents???


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I'm running V 3.2.1 and over the past 5 hours that I have been only uploading, I have somehow downloaded a quarter of a Gig without having any active downloads! I have not downloaded anything in the past week, so I am baffled as to how this has occured.


Incase it helps solve this, this is the uTorrent bottom bar text:


DHT: 318 nodes (Updating)      D:5.7kB/s T: 250.3 MB      U:6.6kB/s T:407.2 MB


Any ideas as to why this has happened?









EDIT: Restarted Utorrent an hour ago and already it has downloaded over 100mb of 'something', doesnt anyone have any idea what this could be down to??

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Even when you only upload it will still download like 1 to 2 kb this happens to uploads too. When you pause it you can see 1 kb being downloaded it is normal in everyone's case. Hope it helps YNWA!!!!! (Liverpool fan by  myself)

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