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Error RSS feeds Utorrent 3.4.1 build 30768


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I updated my utorrent a few hours ago, and now i'm getting this error.



The rss feed doesn't update and duplicate the files.


Like this: ss+(2014-04-07+at+12.35.50).png


If I start the already downloaded torrents, seems like the problem is fixed, but once i close the program and run it again, the error is there. 



The other error, like i said, the rss doesn't update, i click "update feed" but it doesn't... I have to close the program and run it again and the rss is updated...


Sometimes, like here http://forum.utorrent.com/topic/88431-rss-feed-update-is-not-refreshing-correct/  " i can see the new date and time refreshing for new items but the name of the previous is stuck till i close the program and restart it again. "


It's only me? Is there a solution? 




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