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uTorrent crashes when opening with a link


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If I open uTorrent, go to a website and click a magnet link I have no problems.


But... if uTorrent is closed, I go to a website and click a link, it auto-launches uTorrent, it comes up, and freezes on a blank screen. I usually have to alt+ctrl+del to end the task.


Happens 9/10 times, I think (haven't confirmed) that it only does it if there are items in uTorrent, either stopped, pending, or finished. But, once uTorrent is open and running, the links have no issues at all.


I've had this for the last few versions of uTorrent, and maybe a month ago I formatted my c:\ and reinstalled Win7x64 and all new versions of everything, updates etc... but still an issue.


Anyone else have this?


Win7x64, using Chrome.

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