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Updated to latest version.


Half my running torrents are gone. 


UI is pissing me off. It looks like all the rest of this Web 2.0 crap. 


How do I customize it to get it looking like it used to when it didn't waste screen real-estate? I have looked through all the options and can't find any density options or ability to disable/enable different windows ect. 


Or better yet anyone have a recommendation for a lightweight torrent client that doesn't piss of its userbase?

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I'm with you on the UI. Too many companies today are pushing these "modern" (read: dumbed-down) UI styles in their products.

These simplified UIs actually do little to improve the user experience of Joe Blow and Grandma Jane, who will always be confused no matter the interface. But they are great at giving headaches to experienced users and wasting hours of their time making them hunt down/unhide all the "advanced" functions that were once standard UI features.

For uTorrent to follow this same path is short-sighted and indicates a shift towards trendiness over usability and functionality.

As far as alternative clients, the only viable replacement I know of is qbittorrent, but it has its own quirks. I still prefer old versions of uTorrent.

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