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Finding Peers after Install of 3.4.1


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Downloading today and in the middle of downloading 2 torrents, a message popped up, For install new build of utorrent. I installed the new one of 3.4.1.

Then both the torrents only have Finding Peers


When I click on the Trackers Tab....with [DHT] Status: Waiting for announce..


In the bottom RH corner with the small icons, there is nothing no green light....nothing is there.


What are the steps for me to get it working?

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OK my issue was solved......


I searched this forum and after reading posts......I found one saying about the Virus Protection and Firewall.


Basically the new update must have changed rules etc...So you have to changed the utorrent firewall settings to allow (even though mine was set to Auto, it still didn't connect it through)


I have Norton 360,

Click on Settings > Firewall > Click on Tab - General Rules > Scroll down to find utorrent (Bottom of the list) I had 4 utorrent programs settings (for previous builds) > Click 'Allow' for all of them.


I checked my downloads and its downloading and checked trackers and it says [DHT] 'working'

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