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The Da Vinci Code of utorrent help please


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Umm!!! huh....ok well here is the problem.

I use a D-Link router (DSL -1031), My internet connection is 64kbps broadband. My system is windows pc with XP SP2.

I have tried opening 32459 port from my router, which, unfortunately did not work. Then I tried the DMZ thingy and the light turned green.I also opened the UPnP Feature. In logger, it used to dispaly that the port has been mapped to 32459. But, still I get not more than 9kbps/sec of download speed. After a few days, i donno what happend...but, the UPnP thing says error cannot map 32459 port xxxxx xxx something.But the light is still green so din't care much.

The new problem is, if my utorrent is running in thebackground, my surfing becomes a pain in my ass. The pages open at snail's pace. I guess, it is inter connected.coz, when the download is not running, the pages open fast. Recently I again had this problem of connectivity, and teh light showed yellow. I this time just disabled the UPnP and kept the DMZ on. The light came back to green, but, no change in dl speed and the surfing thing is same.

Now my queries are, is my ISP palying a spoil sport here? or is it just the connection speed to be blamed?

Is there a way to configure my system so that , inspite of utorrent dowloads in the background, My surfing can be fairly fast enough?

If I have done something wrong, can some body please tell me where I went wrong?

Thanks in advance. Is their no way to prevent ISP throttle againt theh BT?


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You may be confusing terms.

Your "64kbps broadband" internet connection may be 64 kilobits/sec max speed down, but your up speed may be the same or less!

The speeds recorded in µTorrent are KB/sec (KiloBYTES/sec). It takes about 8-10 kilobits/sec of bandwidth to get 1 KB/sec of up or down speed. so 9 KB/sec would need 72-90 kilobits/sec of bandwidth.

The definitions I've seen for broadband are a minimum of 128 kilobits/sec and generally accepted to always be on or available to quickly reconnect if not on.

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