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Adding torrent causes client to leave label selection


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If you have labeled your torrents, and are currently viewing a certain label, adding a new torrent causes you to leave said label selection.



You have one label for TV series and another for movies. You have currently selected your movie label, viewing only your movie torrents. Then you download a new movie and add it to µTorrent. This will cause you to leave the movie label selection, and back to the "Torrents" selection.


A little image to illustrate what I'm talking about.


This bug was not present in pre-3.4 and applies to the 3.4.1 stable and nightly build.

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+1. Exact same issue in uTorrent stable, although I think it's been like this for all of the 3.4.x builds.


If you have your torrents list filtered by selecting one or more statuses (i.e. downloading, seeding, etc.) or labels in the sidebar, adding a torrent, either by torrent file or magnet link, reverts the torrents list back to the all torrents view thereby removing all your filtering.


Same issue was reported back on Feburary 22nd in the bug report titled "Switching from active to all tab when adding torrents" by Tronds.


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Why is it CAPTCHA gets more and more stupid?

spell w H i T E ....b ackwards

With spaces or without? type the 4dots b ackwards or it is part of question?

Why the space after the letter b?


Am I reading this correctly? Before reporting a bug, try betas?

I never use a beta for obvious reasons!

Also if all releases go thru beta, why do bugs appear in stable? No beta tester noticed this?

I have this one, it appears as per release log, tracker format was fixed.

Adding magnet seems to have more probs than this, sort (worse than usual) and insisting to close uT first or wrong ver.


Guess maybe I need to find a way to disable auto update, was perfectly happy and bug free for most part until the update.

And STABLE update caused the bugs?

uT uses new defs for STABLE and BETA?

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Still nothing, but big talk about forced ads! Priorities I guess.

Guess this and all bugs will remain unfixed?<BR>


1. Labels are worthless.<BR>

2. Move .torrent intermittent.<BR>

3. Highlighting a torrent in list usually displays the WRONG torrent!<BR>


Strange that an UPGRADE creates so many issues!

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