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Utorrent 3.4.1 User interface update issues


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I recently upgraded from an old version of utorrent to the new 3.4.1 (on 2 computers, one with newly installed windows 8.1). 


I've had some intermittent issues and  could not find similar problems in the forum so I thought I'd ask.


Sometimes, clicking on the downloading view does not show all of the torrents (or none at all).   Clicking the 'Torrents' view will show ALL torrents just fine, including the downloading. After a while, the problem seems to self correct or restarting utorrent gets it working again. 


The second issue is that clicking start/stop on a torrent does not always update the torrent status  immediately.  I might even need to restart utorrent for the new status to appear.   In the background, the torrent may have started/stopped but that is not indicated on the screen as only the old status is shown.  



It seems , there is some screen refresh issue in the new utorrent version.  This is happening on 2 different PC's --- but I did migrate from existing libraries on both installations but I don't see that would cause these issues. 


anyone else noticed this?

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same thing here on Win7 pro x64 + uTorrent 3.3


At load time, there is a BRIEF initial running/updating data -- DL, UL, seeds, peers, etc.-- showing in the  torrent list box, and then the numbers freeze on screen. Using Ctrl-A repetitively on the torrent file list shows updating numbers.


It happened with a previous version, I didn't give it a second thought and upgraded to v3.3 -- 45 days ago -- all went well until a few days ago... uTorrent works but does NOT update visuals in the GUI.


What gives?

I didn't upgrade nor downgrade any other software nor any hadware, no change to uT settings either.


Thanks for your attention, I'll be waiting to know how to correct this... (bug?) situation.

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